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50/125cc list

Below is a list of all motorbike 50/125cc models for which we have stickers. 

Our stickers are not an OEM product - Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are marked as "Aftermarket" it indicates that our stickers are part of the secondary market, and are typically not made at the same factory as an OEM products. However, our stickers are made with similar technology, so they do not depart from them in quality and are a good replacement for OEM stickers.

More about the quality of our stickers in the link below:
More about the quality of our stickers

Our online store should not miss stickers for 50 / 125cc motorcycles. This is a category that we introduced not so long ago, but which already contains all the leading models of brands, such as: Aprilia, Cagiva, Derbi, Suzuki or Yamaha. We are still expanding our offer in this category, so if the motorbike you are looking for is not in the list, write to us and we might make stickers specifically for the model you are looking for.